We ride no matter what!

We ride no matter gender, age, resources. Nature sets us free, feeding the life. 

My name is Misa and I love to ride.


Although not very young at 35 years of age, the youth is still preserved in my mind and soul. Body follows, stumbles sometimes, but never disappoints. I was lucky to have the best trainers throughout my passionate dedication to amateur sport. As a teenager I professionally trained athletics and volleyball, proved that I am extremely talented and quit due to boredom.


Soon university came, and turned looong. It was then when I needed the most confirmation that I’m alive. I started free-climbing, caving, canyoning, skiing, scuba-diving. I even tried skydiving, jumped three times….and ran out of money. 🙂


A friend of mine persuaded me to buy a bike. My first enduro Yamaha XT 600, one cylinder, four strokes. It all happened completely unplanned. I rode it for two years, on road, off road, thinking that it is the best bike in the world and that I don’t need anything more than what it offers. But one day, my playful buddies gave me KTM for a spin. One month later I was the owner of one. KTM Adventure – exactly what its name stands for.


I tried a couple of local enduro races, finish them all, and it was a tough but unforgettable experience. Meeting and competing with all this people is fun and scary at same time. Soon after I graduated, became bachelor of Political Sciences, finished my MA in international policy.  After a while I became more and more interested in riding a lighter bike on heavier trails. I still depend on the kindness of my closest friends and borrow their bikes and absorb their experience! I definitely need lighter and stronger bike, proper hard enduro. My confidence is higher and appetites grow bigger.


I wonder what future will bring…?! To be continued……..

I cherish the people with the same drive, they are the best rides of my life. Misa

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