Slovenian MTB Adventure

It all started when I bought my first TT bike online. But in order to save some money, I agreed with old friend Tomaz aka Dzomba to ship the bike at his place in Slovenia so I can ”skip” customs πŸ™‚ Every thing was perfect, so just to pick the bike and I’m done.


Dzomba live some 20km from the capital Ljubljana, which is surrounded with hills and mountains, perfect mtb trails everywhere. The highest peak of Slovenia in Julian Alp range is 2,864 m Mount Triglav. I was convinced it was smart to bring my Cannondale Rize, just in case….! When I arrived at Dzombas place he waited me smiling with my new Felt B12, but even better he organized his mtb friends and planed next few days to hit the local mountain trails together. I was thrilled. πŸ™‚


We barely packed his Renault Megane SW with three of us in and our bikes inside also heheh, and hit the road,Β that was fun. First day we went to ”Nanos” mountain, it was steep uphill, of about 2+h ride up. Our stop was at 1,262 metres where the trail starts. It was unbelievable trail, really really fast, partly surrounded with thick wood and parts clear, not so technical, but with stones on the way, big and small. We went down like a rockets, fingers in pain from intense breaking and smell of burning brakes hehehe. It was exhausting but pure fun until the end, lasted for almost 30min. with two small breaks. And to make the day even better, there was cold bear waiting for us in small bar at the bottom. Yes!


Tomorrow we headed for new adventure, 1602m high mountain top. Planed was to cycle up in about 4.5+hours and fly down in about 45min or faster. πŸ™‚ We had a brutal uphill ahead, one smal part was asphalt road, that was only ”easy” part, soon after trails started, wide and narrow. We had a few hundred meeters of bike carrying on our back, it was so steep so you couldn’t even push the bike let alone ride it. Some trail parts were so narrow and next to the vertical cliff edge, just like in movies, bit scarry if you start thinking what if….? But all went well!


Along the way we had few rest points to fill up energy reserves, and to soak up the atmosphere. We all got tired, pressing the pedals hard for almost five hours, it took its tool, but we gave a final push and finally reach the top. It was a real adventure, astonishing view from the top, we were all smiles. We found old ww2 german bunker at the top, perfect for photo session πŸ™‚


Ride down was ”smooth” and fast…some parts quite technical, had a fall which ended good, just with bloody shin πŸ™‚ Ride was ended, so as my Slovenian MTB adventure….I came to pick the bike but left with much more!!



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