I’m Robin Hood!

Robin Hood was quite busy recently, but we were fortunate to get ”his” story back! 🙂


Archery is all about focus and precision. To achieve that you need to spend countless hours on the field trying to find yout perfect setting. Archery become one of my passions at the age of 16. At that time in my home town no one did this sport, so I was some kind of pioneer. It was tough to train without mentor but somehow I managed to learn the basics by myself. My first bow was a recurve bow, I wasnt feeling very comortable with it. One day I got a compound bow, love was born. In years to come I competed in national competitions, and made qiute good results, 3 time national champ. I was a part of national woman compound team on 25th Summer Universiade in 2009.


I did all my trainings in the afternoon, after school or job, almost every day. The continuity, clear mind and calm body are everything. When you get to that meditative state of mind you are on the right track. So practice yoga on your free time and never ever go to training if you are angry or pissed off, it will be a disaster. I think that when you get a feeling that you are one with the bow, like its a an extension of your arm, you will start to feel more secure, your self-confidence will rise and results will be much better.

Now after 14 years with the bow in my hand I become an instructor but at the same time I felt its time to try something new, with more adrenaline involved. 🙂 Climbing, sailing and motorcycles are next on my agenda, it’s never too late for new adventures. I am 30 years young and I never felt better.… stay positive and live your passion!

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